hello i'm maria i like tiny guitar players male models and food

comme le soleil interminable


Jan Moninckx, Datura, 1686-90. Watercolor on parchment. Part of the Moninckx Atlas. Netherlands. © Universiteit van Amsterdam


Studio Weidemüller    |    http://weidemuller.com

"Our identity reflects our own design principles and our multi-cultured background. Every detail is carefully selected and crafted with the same effort we put in every project. We believe in the power design has to change the perception of a business."

Studio Weidemüller is a small independent design studio, focusing on brand identities, digital solutions and objects for international & local clients. As a studio they strongly believe  in working with talented peoples, so if you want to show them your work or have an idea for a project to collaborate on, feel free to contact them.

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What it might look like if Earth was destroyed by a black hole.

(from 1 Hour of Space)


Jaguar (Wild Brazil - BBC)


Kristen in L.A today, October 15th 2014